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ASOCIACION CULTURAL ESPAÑOLA DE AFICIONADOS A LOS MECANOS (ACEAM) has been legally established as a non-profit association by a group of Meccano hobbysts who have been gathering together all over Spain for years. This group included both model builders and collectors and they organized and participated in an important number of exhibitions in many cities of Spain.


the fans whose hobby is to build models and models of all kinds, with meccanos or similar systems of mechanical constructions.


between childhood and youth and any other person interested in it this hobby in its fundamental aspects of educational toy and centennial and the cultural of maquetismo and collecting.


relationships with various clubs and amateur associations to MECCANO and other similar systems that exist throughout the world.


exhibitions and samples of models built by amateurs in which official organizations, credit entities and other companies and institutions collaborate, ceding premises, facilities and providing the necessary financial means.


all kinds of publications, videos, plans or sketches of models built by fans, computer programs, etc. A biannual bulletin is currently being published and distributed among the associates.


frequent meetings of associates to exchange ideas and knowledge, facilitate the acquisition of pieces and prepare new exhibitions and the Association's newsletter.

Meccano beginnings

The manufacturer of MECCANO is constantly introducing new parts and accessories to modernize and adapt it to new technologies, such as infrared control or radio control devices. You can also apply automation and electronic devices with which they can be operated with computers.
MECCANO, as well as other similar systems, STOKYS in Switzerland, AMI in Italy, MERKUR in the Czech Republic, CONSTRUCTION in Germany, and others, are still manufactured today and sold worldwide in good toy stores, and by specialized retailers that They basically sell by mail or online.
In addition to the traditional MECCANO, whose main production center is in France, other companies manufacture clonal pieces to those of MECCANO, such as EXACT in Argentina, ASHOK in India and others.

MECCANO ® and the rest of similar systems are registered trademarks in favor of their respective owners.

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