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A 1947 Spanish Supermodel. It includes some special parts which were manufactured in Spain only, such as the loom comb prickles the "porespan" comb washers and a "sanding" roller, as normal wooden roller was covered with sand-paper and its purpose was to drag the fabric.

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In the early 70s a bulding system named METALING re-started manufacturing (it had been in operation during the 30s). Most of the parts in this system were a copy of MECCANO, but an electric motor, painted yellow, was different and was sold as a separate outfit for assembly. The lid in this outfit was transparent to show all the parts.

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The manual for building the automatic MECCANO printing machine was published in 1947 by the Spanish Meccano factory, wich was located in Barcelona. This is a Spanish Supermodel which could be built with Outfit No. 7 of that time and some additional parts, including the printing machine rollers and the grooved rollers, all of them made of wood and only made in Spain.

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